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"Small, compact and easy to use... ", "Another useful tool in the ever increasing threat of spyware and backdoor trojans"
- Network News, PC World

"I was extremely impressed when reviewing Bandwidth Meter."
- Review, Tucows.com

"A fine network metering tool"
- Review, ZDNET

User Comments
"BANDWIDTH METER is very easy to use, I have it installed on my small office network and it routinely monitors all network connections with the minimum of fuss.  A first-class program which I'd highly recommend.” - M. Morgan, mrganfree.com

 "The internet is a different place than it was even 2 years ago.  As System Administrator for a corporate client BANDWIDTH METER has helped me maintain a level of control that otherwise would have been difficult to achieve - thanks”
- T. Rummer, anderton.com


 Bandwidth Meter  Logging Details

Bandwidth Meter includes a logging function to record all your internet and intranet connections.  You can view these details by record, daily, weekly and monthly.  The log can also be exported to comma separated value (CSV) format for import into Microsoft Excel where you can create reports based upon your organization's internet activity.  The images below show a range of logging screens.

Summary Connection Details

Logging summary

A summary screen detailing connection transfers and time.

Daily cumulative connections

A daily log summarizing connection details for each day.

Weekly cumulative connections

A weekly log summarizing connection details for each week.

Monthly cumulative connections

A monthly log summarizing connection details for each month.

View Bandwidth Meter Logging Screens Here

View Bandwidth Meter Monitor Screens Here

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